Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kim's Butterfinger Cake

1 box of cake mix (your choosing)
2 packs of fun size Butterfinger bars (6 per pack)
1 container of cool whip (12oz)
1 bottle of caramel syrup
1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1) Bake cake as directed on box
2) Once cooked, poke holes in the top
3) Pour one can of sweetened condensed milk over cake, making sure it gets in the holes
4) Put in refrigerate & let cool
5) While cake is cooling, using a mallet, smash the butterfingers until they crumble. I leave them in the wrappers to prevent making a mess.  If you don't have one, you can even use a hammer.
6) Pour crumbled butterfingers in a bowl & place into freezer.
7) Once cake has cooled, cover the top with cool whip as if it were cake icing.
8) Sprinkle candy over cake.
9) Drizzle caramel all over (you do not have to use the whole bottle)

Note: I keep the butterfingers in the freezer until it's time to go on the cake. For me, this helps them crumble better & makes sure they don't melt. Smashing melting candy can get a little messy. :) You can also use Cookies & Creme, or any other candy.

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